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Living on the Sunny Side (Book Review), Sunny Deuber

Living on the Sunny Side: A MemoirSunny DeuberMemoirAvailable in:• PDF (free download)… from…• SunnySideBook.netAlso in paperback She tried to travel light, by packing everything she needed in a carry-on. Then she found out the gate for her connecting flight was about two miles from the arrival gate, and she only had ten minutes to get […]

The Widow’s Granddaughter, a Short Romance

“The Widow’s Granddaughter,” an original short story (about 12,000 words), now released as a free eBook. Marietta is a pretty, young woman who has had one bad relationship after another, starting with her parents. Fortunately, they were gone for most of her life. She grew up living with her grandparents. Having returned home, she now […]